Assist Team

Tim Lukenda, President and Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Everson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Bakti, Vice President Human Resources and Silver Group Purchasing

Gary Loder, Vice President, Managed Homes and Consulting

Tracey Mulcahy, Director of Operations

Dave Rough, Director, Finance

Sharon Gilmour, Regional Director

Andrea Loft, Regional Director

Dwayne Wyrwas, Regional Director

Andrew Hough, Regional Director

Trish Talabis, Regional Director

Brad Hall, Regional Director

Christina Kean, Project Manager

Rochelle Torres, Regional Assistant

Mike Boyle, Director, Information Technology and Privacy Officer

Patti Kennedy, Director, Systems Development and Field Systems Support

Cindy Britton, Long Term Care Consultant

Heather Khoury, Long Term Care Consultant

Carole Woods, Long Term Care Consultant

Amie Vahrmeyer, Long Term Care Consultant

Carole Alexander, Long Term Care Consultant

Stephanie Glenn, Long Term Care Consultant

Josee Goulet, Kack, Education Consultant

Jacquelyn Sorichetti, Registered Dietitian Consultant

Judith Gerwing, Registered Dietary Consultant

Kim Redker, Registered Dietary Consultant

Sasha Lee, Registered Dietary Consultant

Jane Carruthers, Infection Prevention and Control Consultant