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Providing the best care and quality of life for your residents has always been your vision. Due to the growing complexity of the environment you work in, we recognize that a myriad of expectations, reporting requirements and competing priorities may at times be frustrating.

As the face of long-term care continues to change, we are a valued health care partner and can help operators define their future to continue to be a valued part of the community and residents they serve.

Put our experience to work today. Let us clear away the layer of administration and management so you can focus on your vision.

Photo: City of Kingston, Rideaucrest Home


We use research, best practices and scientific performance improvement methodologies to enhance resident-focused quality of life, safety and care.

Financial Reporting:

Our strength in strategic financial management and accurate financial reporting attracts external organizations seeking our assistance to manage financial administration.

Labour Relations:

Our expertise and experience in balancing company interests with those of unions and employees is unsurpassed. Together, we maintain healthy work environments and manage performance related issues in a professional manner.


Extendicare redevelopment solutions maximize resources and address the challenges of redeveloping a long-term care home. We help upgrade your home(s) while protecting your bottom line and your commitment to high-quality care.


Our national standards for quality care and services have led to policies and procedures that meet or exceed all requirements in the provinces in which we operate.


Accountability and transparency are key factors to our successful partnerships. We continuously measure, improve and publicly share our performance with all stakeholders enabling us to meet strategic priorities.

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